We Are Bridge Crane Specialists.


Bridge Crane Specialists, LLC. was founded in 1987 and has grown to become a leading designer, manufacturer, and quality service provider of overhead cranes and material handling equipment.

Our business model is focused on problem solving. It is our primary goal to “see and solve” the customer’s material handling needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way, while never compromising on safety or quality. BCS specializes in the customized design, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of overhead and work station crane systems for a wide range of industries.

Bridge Crane Express, LLC., the service component of our organization, was launched in 2011 to provide full parts and service support to our customers after installation. In addition to our own crane installations, Bridge Crane Express offers service on other crane installations as well. 

Bridge Crane Specialists, LLC. currently has offices in Kiefer and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

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Bridge Crane Specialists, LLC. is committed to being the premier regional
Overhead Crane manufacturing, installation and support company.

We will accomplish our mission by aggressively carrying out the following actions:

• Treat our customers, employees and associates with courtesy and respect.

Provide quality equipment and services at a competitive price.

Execute our solutions on time and correctly every time.

Always operate in a safe manner.

Conduct our business profitably and continue to invest in our company.

Continually train and teach our employees, customers and associates.

Do the right thing. Every time.

This mission statement reflects the fundamental precepts by which we shall
continue to grow our business and expand our sphere of influence.

Leadership CommitteeBridge Crane Specialists, LLC