Workstation Crane Applications:

Moving Materials and Tooling Throughout a Production Environment

Some production environments require the teams to quickly and safely move pre-machined materials and the necessary tooling from one area in their facility to another. This challenge is easily conquered by using a Workstation Crane System from Bridge Crane Specialists. The runway and monorail design allow the operator here at Vacuworx in Tulsa, Oklahoma to have full flexibility in a facility that requires multiple tasks within a long expanse and congested floor plan. 

A worker can easily position the overhead workstation crane at the desired location, attach the needed material or required tooling to the crane's hoist hook, then transport that material or tooling to another location - repeating over the time period of the specific task. Again, this allows the worker to easily lift heavy items within congested areas using our overhead workstation crane system as a powerful assistant. The worker can also adjust the movement and lifting functionality of the workstation crane and its hoist with a hand-held pendant controller. 

Our workstation crane systems prove themselves to be extremely valuable to machine operators and material handlers in all types of manufacturing and production environments. It is our primary objective to keep workers safe, ensure maximum efficiency, and increase productivity where ever our products can serve and assist the daily workflow. 

Bridge Crane Specialists welcomes the opportunity to design, engineer, and build an overhead workstation crane system for any business hoping to increase their value, productivity, and commitment to safety where material handling is a priority and necessity.