Workstation Crane Applications:

Moving and Positioning Raw Materials into Machinery

An Overhead Workstation Crane System is a helpful tool when needing to maneuver raw materials into or around machinery in your facility. As seen here at Vacuworx in Tulsa, Oklahoma, incorporating a workstation crane and hoist can increase safety and assist your workforce when heavy lifting and material handling can slow down the production process and put limitations on your productivity.

At Vacuworx, moving and positioning long or heavy pieces of raw materials can be awkward and cumbersome for a machine operator when preparing his next production task. As seen in the photos above, the operator can use the overhead workstation crane system to not only share the stress of lifting the material into the machine but also assist with guiding the material into the needed positions to move forward with the machining process. The movement and lifting functions of the crane and hoist can be controlled easily by the operator using the hand-held pendant. 

The workstation crane system at Vacuworx is used each day to assist in lifting, positioning, and moving raw materials at the machining station featured in this example, but can also be moved across the facility to assist workers responsible for other operations at additional machines. Bridge Crane Specialists can design and engineer an overhead workstation crane system to your specifications and to the needs of your facility. It is our goal to find appropriate solutions and ensure safety while increasing productivity for your business. 

Bridge Crane Specialists is prepared to speak with you regarding your need for a custom-designed overhead workstation crane system to expand your production capabilities.