Workstation Crane Applications:

Lifting and Transporting Tooling in Machining Environments

Our Workstation Crane Systems increase productivity and efficiency here at Vacuworx in Tulsa, Oklahoma while ensuring the safe lifting of important components, transporting tooling or equipment from storage to your work area, moving large parts from your workbench to an individual machine, and being a powerfully safe assistant when you are working between multiple machining stations.

As seen here, repositioning heavy components, changing tools, and loading new materials in tight spaces is made much easier and safer when using our overhead workstation crane system. The entire crane and hoist can be moved easily overhead as it travels along the runway and monorail. Both crane and hoist movement can be easily controlled by the hand-held pendant. 

The Vacuworx machine shop pictured above has multiple options for lifting and transporting critical materials when they use the two cranes within this system - which spans the entire length of the facility and can travel over each machine and work area. 

Bridge Crane Specialists can provide a custom-designed overhead workstation crane system for any machining, fabrication, or assembly environment helping to manage both spaces and productivity by using highly engineered material handling.